The Idaho Irrigation Equipment Association is pleased to announce 30 students have been selected as IIEA Scholarship Recipients for the 2015-2016 school year. They are: Breeanna Attebury, Andrew Bingham, Ethan Brandt, Hanna Chaffin, Travis Chase, Morgan Cortez, Nicole Davis, Karmella Dolecheck, Aaron Emmert, McKenzie Forsberg, Rachel Gross, Dillan Henslee, Dana Kerner, Jessica Lancaster, Valene Lickley, Cole Lickley, Samantha McGhie, Justin Nesbitt, Sierra Norman, Kaedy Pardew-Peck, Latesha Reed, Jacob Reinecker, Jakobie Rogers, Colby Searle, Heather Skovgard, Bailey Storms, Dustin Winston, Allysha Yasuda, Elaine Zabriskie, and Mathew Zimmerman.


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New Irrigation
In Idaho flyer
distributed to teachers

The Idaho Irrigation Equipment Association Board of Directors has produced an informational brochure to help teachers who participate in the Idaho Ag in the Classroom workshops.

The information sheet explains six types of irrigation - landscape, flood, siphon tube, wheel line, drip, and center pivot.

The flyer has been turned into a Power Point presentation so teachers can review the information with their students.

Or they can print out the flyer and distribute it to their students.

2015 Idaho Irrigation Equipment Show & Conference